We manufacture hand made steel tongue drums. Every XPOIA instrument has its own musical character and will provide a unique performing result. Attention to detail and premium craftsmanship make XPOIA drums a source of delight and pleasure for people around the world.

XPOIA drums are unique both in terms of aesthetics and sound. They combine the the singing sound of nitreded steel mixed with the warmth of carefully selected woods. Our instruments work as an open platform connecting other instruments, people, kinds of music and cultures. All XPOIA drums manufactured today are tunable supporting standard western scales as well as interval tuning.


XPOIA drums have premarked positions in their interior indicating each note produced when placing the tuning magnet accordingly. The XPOIA book of scales© is a 300 standard scale mapping guide available for XPOIA drum owners. This unique feature will allow any player to explore with every XPOIA tuning a new environment of expression.



Equipped with a USB  night vision feature XPOIA drums allow you to easily tune the instrument, play under the starry sky or in a mystic performance.


The XPOIA drum whether you are a performing artist, a music healer, a yoga instructor-student, or a novice player that is attracted to the power of singing steel, will work as a path to expression, and satisfaction. Enjoy music, enjoy life day and night.Welcome to XPOIA!