Novice in Music

For Sure you can play! Everyone can play. Musical education is not a requirement for you to enjoy playing. XPOIA steel tongue drums are the ideal way to recreate and express yourself without any musical knowledge. It is quiet easy, you just have to hit the tongue area with the playing stick. This will produce a note. The best way to learn how to play is to play. But, take a look what music does to your brain. . You do not have to dedicate countless hours of studying to learn an instrument. From the first minute you can enjoy the benefits of music and transform yourself into the musician you decide to become. By using the XPOIA book of scales©, as a mapping guide you can enjoy different scales!!!

Playing tips

If you have no previous experience with a metallic percussion instrument, and you want to start playing with your hands, keep in mind that the sound is produced due to the fact that the tongue vibrates. When you hit the note with your finger, thumb or palm, for it to sound properly you need not to mute the sound. You will achieve that easily if the intonation of your strike is not down towards the instrument but with a touch and go approach, up towards the air. We suggest to start playing with your hands on the larger tongues because they will vibrate more easily. Smaller notes need more accuracy but its a matter of practice, focus and familiarity to start playing around and enjoying yourself.