Tuning Simple and Fast.

How does it work?

XPOIA drums are accompanied with a set of powerful magnets that when placed in position change the vibration frequency of the tongue they are attached to. The concept is really simple, we just add mass to the vibrating area so the wavelength becomes longer . The note can be tuned only descending from its natural value. Every note of the perimeter has  four marks that indicate the position of the magnet. Each click towards the edge of the tongue is a descending semitone. The Center note has more marks on it. The principle is the same, but for the tongue to reach the F3 and E3 notes you have to add two magnets on the tongue.

The top of the XPOIA drum has 9 tongues of different size. Each one of them produces a different note. In the interior which is easily accessible, XPOIA Drums have pre-marked areas on every tongue that make tuning fast. If you want to modify the scale, you just have to select the scale you want to play and place the magnets on the corresponding marks. A Book of scales© is included in every instrument. Furthermore XPOIA owners can always access the free online scale index.

Tuning steps

Go to the Book of scales© that accompanies your XPOIA Drum or to the online scales index and select the scale you want to play.

Use night vision and flip the instrument over. Align the diagram with the center tongue,

Place the magnets according to the diagram of the selected scale.

Do not forget to record or video the patterns you play on every scale, it will be a great reference point for you.